Yuka Niyoufu, Mai Kashiwadani: Hitori Girls Band

2012.07.13 Hatsudai Doors Yuka Niyuko Reko sponsored vol. 1 "My Vo. I will recruit all the other parts of it." All Produced / Lyrics / Music / Arrange by Yuka Niyoufu support band member Gt. MAI Ba. dora Dr. Osaki Yuki ================== <1st Mini ALBUM> 2012.07.13 (Fri) Release "We are looking for all other parts of us Vo. To do. Normal version 版 CD ¥ 1,500 Quantity limited version ︎ + CD + MV & with making video ¥ 2500 1. We will recruit all other parts. 2. Last Alice 3. One eyebrow, tears of rabbit 4. Company Live Taro 5. Hitori Girls Band ===================== Lyrics, composition, arrangement, musical instruments "Hitori Girls Band" lead song "I'm looking for all the other parts of us" by the super multi-singer songwriter Yuka Niyoufu who is in charge of everything alone until the performance "is that the band members are recruiting There is a recruitment of members under the theme of "Let's make it a song!" And music that was written down at the age of 16, but there is New Mini Album ♡ ===================== your viewing of the full variety, such as the latest digital rock sound of music the whole body

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