Böse Fuchs: Slipknot - Unsainted Guitar Cover

Finally a new guitar cover!! And luckily I recorded it before the massive heat came to Berlin :-O
This one was requested pretty often and also won the patreon voting for June - so here it is! Had so much fun playing it (as you can clearly see :-D ) I did it per ear and slightly changed some parts but they do not change the whole song. Maybe you won't notice them at all. :-D
NOTE: there's a special offer on Patreon for you (till 26.6.) - if you decide to support me and pledge 15$+, you will be able to join my monthly Skype Video Group. You can chat with me, ask me questions or just laugh about my german accent! Hopefully see you soon there <3 Slipknot - Unsainted Guitar Cover [4K / MULTICAMERA] *PATREON SPECIAL*