Karmen Stendler: Divagazioni (Claudio Decorti) -

Divagazioni was written by the Italian composer Claudio Decorti. He came across a video of me playing his piece "Waves Dance" and he decided to write a new piece dedicated to me. When it was published he sent it to me and wrote me a handwritten letter, explaining how at 80 years old he did not own or care much for computers, but a friend of his showed him my recording and he decided to dedicate a new piece to me. I was very moved and happy when I received his kind letter! Sadly he passed away in 2018, so I will never be able to thank him personally for the beautiful piece he wrote for me or play it for him, but I did my best to give it justice in this video, dedicated to him.

Divagazioni is the Italian word for "ramblings". The piece consists of melodic phrases wandering in different directions, captured in a distinct ABA structure, where the middle part is a waltz in E Major contrasting the minor A sections. I hope you enjoy the piece as much as I enjoy playing it!

The score is available here: https://www.lathkillmusic.co.uk/cds/S...

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Videography by Uroš Barič at https://barosrecords.com/studio

Strings by Augustine https://www.albertaugustine.com

Guitar support by Guitarlift https://guitarlift.de/

Guitar by Dieter Müller 2018

Divagazioni (Claudio Decorti) - Karmen Stendler