Sybil Grace: Last Bastion - Platataea - LIVE - El Corazon, Seattle

Last Bastion is a Power Metal band based in Portland, OR. Formed in January of 2012, Last Bastion has set out to bring Melodic Power Metal
to the U.S. Energetic, talented and creative, these four determined musicians are defiantly breaking down stereotypes. Catchy, melodic vocals, blazing guitars, infectious bass,
thundering drums, and heavenly keyboards weave together tales of history, mythology and self actualization. While the music says a lot itself, Last Bastion is most at home
on stage. Fans of enthusiastic bands take heed; an entertaining show with plenty of theatrics and energy is sure to ensue. Make no mistake: Last Bastion is on the rise.

Joe Lovatt - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Sybil Grace - Lead Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Jeremy Toren - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Matt Tekverk - Lead Drums/Backing Vocals

Last Bastion - Platataea - LIVE - El Corazon, Seattle - 20190609