Nao: It To The Universe - Man with Mission

Good evening, a long time playing video! Collaboration song with Atsushi Tabei's Man with Mission! ※ The number of plays is growing rapidly and advertising has been added without permission, but in videos, advertising profits etc. are not obtained at all! I'm familiar with the PV bag's bag w It seems like I'm doing music together with Man Wiz! ww It seems too cool to talk about a guitar solo, so I played both ends after all. I did not listen to Man Wiz very much until I listened to this song, but I realized that it was really cool thanks to this song! Guitar solo It was difficult, but I tried hard to copy myself. If you like it, please comment on the comments and videos, and subscribe! Twitter @ nao 0419_gt Feel free to follow me!

Female university student plays It It To The Universe (feat MAN WITH A MISSION) Guitar Cover [nao]