Chelsea Constable: Parasite - KISS - Halloween Edition - "Live Classic Band Series"

This is a NEW series I am working on called Chelsea Constable's "Live Classic Band Series" for TC Electronic and Suhr Guitars. I am going to try to incorporate a lot of different classic groups and I am going to use my Suhr Aura for the majority of them. If anybody has any requests, let me know! I cannot promise we will do it because we are trying to cover a list that has already been requested. Special thanks to Dave Campbell's Morrell Music, Scott Harrell, Justin Louthian (for the awesome mix), Mark Eades/Gene/Bass & Lead Vocals, Steve Divirgilio/Peter/Drums/backing vocals and Tim Altonen (for the videography)! Hope you guys enjoy this new series!

Parasite - KISS - Halloween Edition - Chelsea Constable's "Live Classic Band Series"

Suhr Aura Demo by Chelsea Constable