Jennifer Batten, Gretchen Menn, Nili Brosh: Brush With The Blues (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)

The inaugural event of the Batten-Menn-Brosh (Jennifer Batten, Gretchen Menn, Nili Brosh) trio was epic. Here's jumping straight to the end set where the three get together and trade off jams to Jeff Beck's "Brush With The Blues", accompanied by Thomas Perry and Anna Pfeifer from Gretchen Menn's trio that kicked off the show.

A TASCAM DR-40X was used for the room recording audio track.

【Batten-Menn-Brosh】 Brush With The Blues (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)

【Jennifer Batten】 Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)

【Jennifer Batten】 Nadia (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)

【Nili Brosh】 Primal Feels (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)

【Jennifer Batten】 Cat Fight (The Chapel SF - 11/6/19)