Juna Serita: What Is Hip ? (cover ) - Tokyo Groove Jyoshi

TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI is a groove band formed in 2018 by three session musicians, keyboardist Emi,bassist Juna and drummer Yuriko.
TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI’s music style has been regarded as 70s/ 80s Jazz, R&B/SOUL, POP/J-POP and ROCK.
They strive for a groove band beyond the generations, genders and genres.

official web site→https://tokyogroovejyoshi.com/

Guest Player
Shinobu Kawashima-Tsugaru Syamisen

Emi Kanazashi-Keyboard
Juna Serita‐Bass
Yuriko Seki-Drums
Musuc Video Crew
Filmed and edited by Takuya Endo
Produced by Koichi Kaneko
Recorded and mastered by Yusaku Kato at abRiR Studio
Stylist:Naho Ikeda
Hair&Makeup:Aki Miyanishi
Assistant:Nagisa Koda
Filmed at Haretara Sorani Mame Maite Daikanyama

What is hip ? (cover ) - TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI