Becky Baldwin: Bruce Dickinson - Man of Sorrows

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Collaboration cover of Bruce Dickinson's "Man of Sorrows" (Accident of Birth - 1997).
Music & Lyrics by Bruce Dickinson.

The band:

George Margaritopoulos - Vocals:
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Teo Ross - Guitars:
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Marilena Plitsi - Keyboards:
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Becky Baldwin - Bass:
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Panos Geo - Drums

Vocal Recordings by George Margaritopoulos
Guitar Recordings by Teo Ross
Keyboard Recordings by Marilena Plitsi
Bass Recordings by Becky Baldwin
Drum Recordings by Panos Geo

Vocal Filming by George Margaritopoulos
Guitar Filming by Marianiki Toka
Keyboard / Bass / Drums Filming by Panos Geo

Vocals filmed at Audiolab Music Production Studios

Bass filmed at Southampton Solent University

Audio Mixing & Mastering by Angelo Kane at 11 Rock Mixing Studios:
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Video Editing by Panos Geo

"Panos Geo" logo by Vasilis Georgiou
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Special thanks to:
Mike Nikolaou
Stef Dimitriadis
Marianiki Toka
Angel Wolf-Black
Avgi Rafaella Hadjinikola
Audiolab Music Production Studios
Southampton Solent University
Northbrook Metropolitan College

D'Addario Strings
Alperious Pickups
Darkglass Electronics

Special thanks to my patrons on Patreon:
Stefanos Dimitriadis
Singing Cat

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Bruce Dickinson - Man of Sorrows (Collaboration Cover)