Martina Nixe Riva: Interview with Killin' Baudelaire

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Killin’ Baudelaire took their first steps in early 2015, and after a two year’ time of various shakedowns found their actual and final line up. Martina “Cleo” Ungarelli, the versatile and ink-covered singer who can switch from clean to scream with ease, Martina “Nixe” Riva, the blonde 6-strings player, Alice “Lane” Pandini, the iconic dark-haired bassist, and Elisa “Helly” Montin, the infallible and vigorous force behind the drums.

The quartet represents a dynamic band, in a never-ending evolution. “It Tastes Like Sugar” is the first studio EP, published by Bagana Records in October 2016. It has been recorded at Magnitude Studios in Seregno (MB), with the artistic production by Titta Morganti (Mellowtoy). Killin’ Baudelaire is now ready to release the first full-length. Recorded and mixed at 33Hz Studio in Milano by Francesco Altare, it will be out in 2019.

The band has reached great reviews and approvals from press/journalists and workers of the Music industry (, Metallus, Metal In Italy, Metalwave, Italia di Metallo, All Around Metal, Rockrebelmagazine, Artistsandbands, Iyezine, etc.). To mention, the interviews @ Radio Lombardia and Sky network. The band has also appeared on ROCK TV program.

Killin’ Baudelaire has played some of the most famous stages throughout Italy such as at the I-Days Festival, along with big international names, performed multiple times in England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France, and last but not least at NOVA ROCK 2018 Festival (Austria), headlined by Avenged Sevenfold and Prodigy.

Interview with Killin' Baudelaire (Italy)