Haruka Noma: Asterism - Enter Sandman + Kill The King

☠Asterism☠ Asterism 3-piece heavy metal instrument band HAL-CA (guitar) 17 years old MIYU (bass) 18 years old MIO (drums) 20 years-old Covers the Rainbow's Kill The King Live performance Fukuoka / Saga A three-piece heavy metal instrumental band with an average age of 16 and active in the center. Guitar HAL-CA has been growing up listening to hard rock since childhood due to the influence of his father, and was shocked by the guitar `` Akira Takasaki '' at the LOUDNESS live that he saw for the first time at the age of 10 and started playing guitar. start. The brothers of MIO and MIYU also grew up in an environment where various music was played from an early age due to the influence of their father playing the band, and his brother MIO was influenced by RAINBOW's `` Cozy Powell '' and drums from the age of 5 MIYU also started playing bass at the age of 7 due to the influence of Mr. BIG's "Billy Scene". At the 8th Music Revolution held by the Yamaha Group in 2014, HAL-CA participated in the qualifying round in Fukuoka as a solo guitarist, and MIO MIYU participated in the qualifying round in Saga as a sibling unit, OGI. However, Yamaha staff who watched both tournaments felt a great impact and the possibility that "an unprecedented instrument band might be born", and began by speaking to each one. The three observers said that they first saw each other, "I felt that I finally met a friend who could share music at the same level with the same generation." ASTERISM's appeal lies in its impressive stage, in which it plays a performance that cannot be imagined from its appearance, and excites the passion of the three.

Metallica- Enter Sandman【Asterism covers】2019

Rainbow - Kill The King【Asterism covers】2019