Ji Yeon Lee: Chick Corea's latin jazz standard "Spain" - Now 14

Middle school student Genius Lee Ji-yeon's Spanish (Chick Korea) solo 2nd version 14 yr old korean guitar genius girl 'Ji Yeon Lee' plays solos on the chick corea's latin jazz standard "spain" Everyone will struggle with the corona, but we all work hard ~-Hi ! I'm Yoo Jin Song, the head director of New York Jazz Academy here are some videos of my students. Hope you'll enjoy them. -I am Song Yu-jin, a music educator. These videos are the growth period of the young disciples I teach. Please give me a lot of encouragement and sincere advice on the process of growing from a dream tree to a talented guitarist. Thank you.
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(We all work hard) Genius guitarist Jiyeon Lee (14 yr guitar genius / super tasty solo) Ji Yeon Lee (Middle 2)