Kat Ayala: Social Riffing - Home Jam

Today in #SocialRiffing, Kat Ayala demonstrates her process of writing a song with a friend online. "I've been focusing on creativity at home lately, and I wanted to pump out a song without spending too much time on it. For me, the best and most fun way to do that is to collaborate with somebody. It means I can bounce ideas around but also set limits within which to create. Astrid chose a tempo, and I sent her chords for a verse and chorus. She then created a structure, added drums and synth, and sent it back to me. I put melodies all over the top and that was that. Fun."

If this inspires you to pick up your guitar and get involved, upload your videos to Instagram tagging #SocialRiffing. We'd love to hear what you're playing!

Social Riffing:
As musicians everywhere hit pause on all tours, gigs and rehearsals, the desire to create and learn doesn’t go away. We’ve teamed up with a whole host of great guitarists from around the world to deliver some tips, techniques and demos (and not to mention some awesome playing!), which they’ve recorded from their homes.

Social Riffing with Kat Ayala | Home Jam