Nicole Papastavrou: Alternate Picking and String Skipping

Hey guys! Happy to present the first video of this series I'm starting. Kicking it off with an original riff I wrote for Kallias that I think is especially fun to play and has some cool technique to it. Soon I will also do riff tutorials on some of my favorite riffs from my favorite bands, and hopefully yours too! I appreciate all positive feedback and constructive criticism so that I can continue to improve these videos and create content you guys will love, so we can all learn something! Thank you for taking the time to watch, learn, comment, and share.

Gear: Liuteria Rox Kratos custom 8 string, INTRODUCTION mixing and mastering done at Redshift Recording using my EVH5150III Stealth, INSTRUCTION Tone is Fortin NTS plugin by Neural DSP.

Shot by Brittan Dodd, edit by me.

SICK RIFF SERIES with Nicole | Alternate Picking and String Skipping