Olivia Jean: Board To Death! EarthQuaker Devices

Olivia Jean has a very streamlined board where pedals are chosen after lots of trial and error. Using her gear night after night in a live setting allows for utilitarian features to stand out, and only the ones that are "just right" survive. A couple of OD's including an EQD Westwood for cutting through the mix, a couple of reverbs including Ghost Echo, and a tuner. What more do you need? Actually she needs a couple more things, watch this episode of Board To Death! to find out what they are. You know what? Not many people talk about the stunning cosmetics of their power supply, but Olivia Jean does! Just don't ask her to demo any "FLERB" because it's not happening!

Video: Vice Cooler
DP: Dalton Blanco + Adonay Gollardo
Assistant: Henri Cash
Shot at The Smell - www.thesmell.org

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Board To Death! Ep. 30 - Olivia Jean | EarthQuaker Devices