Emily Wolfe: Rig Rundown

The Austin-based rocker builds her own mics, mixes Queens of the Stone Age sizzle with the modern pop hooks of Demi Lovato, and rides the feedback on her new B.B.-inspired signature Epiphone.

In this episode, we catch up with Austin rocker Emily Wolfe. The power-trio frontwoman was planning to spend 2020 away from the Texas capitol, but like all of us, she’s adapting to the new normal and using the stay-home mandate to refocus on demos for the follow-up to her 2019 self-titled debut. (She drops a nugget in the Rundown that she’s working with a Queen of the Stone Age.) Emily virtually welcomes PG’s Chris Kies into her home jam space (complete with basketball hoop) for a fascinating chat covering her path from guitar to drums and back to guitar, explaining the allure (and the requirement) for a semi-hollow guitar, detailing the most-important factor in her purchase of a Fender 4x10 combo, and admitting she’s got an OCD problem.

[Facing a mandatory shelter-in ordinance to limit the spread of COVID-19, PG enacted a hybrid approach to filming and producing Rig Rundowns. This is the sixth video in that format, and we stand behind the final product.]

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Rig Rundown - Emily Wolfe