Jacqui Taylor: Asrai Stone Cold

Asrai was founded by the twin sisters Karin and Margriet in the raw underground scene of Rotterdam. Starred in the turbulent eighties Asrai had their journey from digital to analog and from squat to A -list venues and well know festivals and not to forget some unforgettable tours.

The band members are real veterans, which shows by the incredible virtuoso performance and their ability to entertain the audience at the same time. Margriet addresses her songs not only to the fans in front of her, but she also knows how to reach the people in the back of the hall.

Asrai’s performance is an exciting experience. It felt like a thriller and one by one the crowd gets under the spell of their music. and go through of the experience of the overwhelming power of Asrai.

Stone Cold by the Dutch gothic rock band Asrai
Stone Cold - available on the EP "Between Dreams and destiney"
buy the EP right here: https://www.asrai.net/webshop

recorded at Gate studio by Sascha Peath
Filmed by MarLeo, Text done by Cham
all rights Asrai


Asrai Stone Cold