JJ Rosa: Social Riffing with JJ Rosa | Solo Tutorial

Next up in our #SocialRiffing series, we're joined by UK based singer-songwriter JJ Rosa. In this video, JJ breaks down a lead solo based on the A minor pentatonic scale and also shares her techniques when using the whammy bar on her custom Pacifica guitar.

If you give this a go at home, upload your videos to Instagram tagging #socialriffing so we can check them out.

Social Riffing:
As musicians everywhere hit pause on all tours, gigs and rehearsals, the desire to create and learn doesn’t go away. We’ve teamed up with a whole host of great guitarists from around the world to deliver some tips, techniques and demos (and not to mention some awesome playing!), which they’ve recorded from their homes.

Social Riffing with JJ Rosa | Solo Tutorial