Thalìa Bellazecca, Elisa Bernazzani: Italian Women Tribute - I hear you

Italian Women Tribute - I hear you (Antonella Ruggiero) Live in Lockdown # 2 • MICHELA RONZONI (vocals) • ELISA BERNAZZANI (rhythm guitar) • THALÌA BELLAZECCA (lead guitar) • DANIELA CASCHETTO (bass) • PURPLE CIOPPA FAI (drums) Mix: Paolo Faldi Video editing: Andy Rox Next appointment, Sunday 10 May at 18.00, simultaneously on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, with the third and last of the three live videos made during this moment of forced stop. And it will be a third crazy video that will see the participation, as well as the band, of the entire cast of Universalmente !!! Rock music, theater and dance united in a deadly mix of pure energy on the notes of a wonderful piece and an incredible artist. Italian Women Tribute and Universally Live in Lockdown # 3. . . . website:

Italian Women Tribute - I hear you (Antonella Ruggiero), Live in Lockdown # 2

Italian Women Tribute - Luce (Elisa), Live in Lockdown #1