Renáta Katona: Stringsgirl - BACK ON TRACK

Back On Track is a fast-paced rock song inspired by the fact that I’ve found my true path and my life is back on track. :)

Creating this song was an interesting project for me. For the first time, I decided to collaborate with other musicians internationally. The rhythm section is Zamm Kenoby on the drums and Rafael Freitas on the bass. The synth melody of the middle8 was played by Béla Balló. Mixing and mastering were made by Studio-Inside hang és médiastúdió, Debrecen. The recording of the song was created in 3 different studios, which is never easy. Thanks to the perfectionism of Gábor Palchuber a kickass song came out of it. Thanks, Guys for your awesome work!

Stringsgirl - BACK ON TRACK