YOYO: Exclusive interview with Truth In Shredding

When I’m looking out for very talented players I’m normally finding potentially great future players starting to make a name for themselves in their early to mid teens. So I was mighty surprised, when I came across videos of a very young but super talented player from China. Her name is YOYO, and she has been wowing guitar video fans with her accurate representations of complex guitar virtuoso pieces that players twice her age often struggle to reproduce.

Far beyond the sun - Yngwie, YOYO cover(live version)

I’ve been watching and listening to guitar since the early seventies and watched the guitar scene ebb and flow, genres arrive and decline. One of the latest trends has been the increase of female players in it’s nice to see a new trend arriving, one where very talented young female musicians are starting to make their mark on the global guitar scene.

You can check them out yourself on YouTube, players like Li-sa-X, Ayu Gusfanz, and JiYeon Lee. I am fascinated and hooked at the potential of these incredible players, can they break out of the prodigy stage and onward into writing and performing original music? So in this interview I set about talking to YOYO, who is currently studying school at home because of the global pandemic, to get some of her precious time and find out a little more about this sensational player.

YOYO Guitar Cover Steve Vai—《For The Love Of God》

[Truth In Shredding] At what age did you first start playing a musical instrument? Did you choose the instrument or your parents, and what was it? Are your parents musical, do they play instruments?

[YOYO] I started playing guitar in May, 2013 when I was six years old and doing my first year at primary school. In China, most children born in the past forty years are in a single child household with their parents. As a result, we have the nickname “a pearl in the palm”, which is a Chinese phrase that means the apple in the eyes of the other family members. In my case, I am the pearl in the palms of my grandparents and parents.

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