Jassy J: E1M1 - At DOOM's Gate - DOOM | Metal Cover

This is my metal cover of E1M1 , the iconic DOOM theme from the level Hangar - also knows as AT DOOM'S GATE from the original DOOM soundtrack. It reminds me a bit of Master Of Puppets by Metallica or Painkiller by Judas Priest to be honest xD But this just means it's an awesome riff combined with Dragon Force - Through The Fire And Flames tapping speed xD
Who of you played Doom Eternal yet? I got the awesome opportunity to team up with Bethesda and Ibanez for this one! My cover was featured earlier in the Twitch livestream of MAX! This is such a huge honor. Thank you so much to Colin  @Bethesda Softworks   , Daniel from MAX  and Daniel  @Ibanez Guitar  for this cool collaboration!

As I am not that "pro" with mixing and producing I nevertheless tried to give this one a shot and did all by myself. It's my first produced track ever, so I hope you enjoy it!
Oh and I recorded the tapping parts separately each! It was hard enough already this way. No chance I can play these parts mixed with the rhythm guitar.

TUNING: E Standard 

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Project for Doom : The Acient Gods Release

Jassy J: E1M1 - At DOOM's Gate - DOOM | Metal Cover