Jassy J: Amon Amarth - the Pursuit of Vikings

Amon Amarth - The Pursuit Of Vikings - Album: Fate of Norns - guitar cover Jassy J =)
Happy metal weekend everyone!
This one is an Amon Amarth classic among Twilight Of The Thunder God, Guardians Of Asgard , Raise Your Horns, War Of The Gods and many more! I already did a full band cover of this one in 2016! Catchy riff, catchy song! I hope you enjoy my cover as I played both rhythm parts. Also if you like you can check my 10 Heavy Beginner Riffs list! Featuring this riff!
Feel like a viking now? =P I hesitated to wear my beard mask for this one haha xD

TUNING: B Standard

GENRE: Metal (What else?)

NOTE: I used the original track and double tracked my guitar. I play all the guitar parts. You don't see the third guitar in the bridge part but I also recorded the tiny part.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Launch Special 2020

Stay tuned and rock on!
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AMON AMARTH - The Pursuit Of Vikings | GUITAR COVER