Lauren Passarelli: Alternating Picking, String Skipping, & Groove

The foundation to connecting with the guitar, getting a great sound, and groove is alternating picking. #guitarlessons #guitarlessonsonline #alternatingpicking #stringskipping #playingwithapick #guitarinsights #laurenpassarelli #berkleeanywhere #berkleecollegeofmusicprofessor #rhythmguitar #grooveguitar
0:00 how to hold the pick
0:23 down & up alternating picking
1:28 play a song or scales with alt. picking
1:56 finger exercises
2:26 other techniques = a way to play
2:46 skipping strings
3:00 string skipping exercises
3:31 Blast of Love
4:03 funky rhythm + melody on top
4:35 certainty, connecting with your guitar, fluency
5:00 struggling with the guitar
5:40 phrasing, articulation, horn, & string players
6:17 riff: alternating picking vs. all down strokes
6:55 benefits from alternating picking development
7:23 watch great players with great hand technique
7:39 free, hovering picking hand
8:02 foundation for groove
8:22 be able to hit the strings you want
9:00 time is in you
9:30 record & listen to your playing
10:00 study with a great teacher, use great books
10:43 learning how to juggle
11:22 worth doing, not that hard, takes repetition

Lauren Passarelli ~ Guitar Insights: Alternating Picking, String Skipping, & Groove