Holly Henderson: This Time Next Year

Written, Produced & Mixed by Holly Henderson


"I wanted to write a Christmas song for some time, this just wasn’t the year for it. I ended up noodling on my guitar, feeling particularly down about the coming festive season, which I think has some sadness about it for a lot of people anyway. It felt apropos of the current locked down, isolating time, to write a simple folk song on my guitar. I didn’t even want to sing, just something simple and nostalgic. As I wrote I felt better. I added horns and bells, it grew into something more hopeful, without it being cringey and I got some of my Christmas spirit back. I sang over it a few times, and improvised the lyrics over 10 or so takes until I tightened up some loose words. I just sang about my loneliness, my hope for Christmas being a rare, happy moment to cling onto, however it comes - and my hopes for next year being better and reuniting with the people I’ve been missing so badly. It’s a tune for that. I hope it rings an internal jingle bell for whoever hears it. - Holly in interview with Trend & Chaos
" Guitar : Ibanez
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This Time Next Year - Holly Henderson