Muu: Harakiri ZETTAI CLUB

The full video of "Harakiri" is released from the last one-man "Zekkura" of Absolute Club. [Blu-ray & DVD will be released nationwide! ] Release date: December 9, 2020 (Wednesday) Superb Zeckra Part number: QURC-7000 Price: ¥ 5,500 (excluding tax) Superb Zeckra Part number: QURC-8000 Price: ¥ 4,500 (excluding tax) The last of the absolute club. The finest stage in the limit. On April 13, 2020, the sudden dissolution was announced by ZETTAICLUB. After a long silence ... what do the members think and what do you feel on the last stage? ZETTAICLUB has always been active since 2016 with a bullish attitude, and it is a one-of-a-kind girls band that is not obsessed with the genre. Due to the state of emergency, all of their live performances were canceled, and the last live performance originally scheduled for May was postponed to September. The title that was named on the last stage was "Superb Zeckra". Unpredictable until the very end. Their decision was to perform all songs live without audience. Contains a total of 26 songs, including a piano and drum duo performance. Engrave the true last of the absolute club in your memory.

"Harakiri" from the last one-man of ZETTAI CLUB