Ada Kaczanowska: Amon Amarth - "Raise Your Horns" // Ada

Hello everyone!!
I'm sooo excited to get back on youtube and present you guys my newest cover of Amon Amarths classic "Raise Your Horns"! Hope you'll enjoy watching. Please, share your thoughts in the comment section and subscribe this channel for more guitar playing! You can also follow me on socials:
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Stay metal everyone and have a great day!!
Wojtek Grusiecki - Camera
Ada Kaczanowska - Guitar & Video editing
Piotrek Nowakowski - Sound recording & Mastering
GEAR: axe: Epiphone Richie Faulkner flying V
amp: Peavey 6050 MH
Recorded with Presonus Audiobox USB96

Amon Amarth - "Raise Your Horns" // Ada

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