Hinako: BRATS - Doudatte Yokatta - Limited Audience Live

Alternative rock band BRATS, with their heavy guitar sound and sharp, powerful vocals, released their new album "Karma" in September 2020.
Live activities which had been suspended due to the spread of coronavirus have been resumed.
BRATS' performance from the event "Ambitious Girls Rock 1" at TSUTAYA O-Crest on January 10th -- the band's the first live performance in 2021 -- will be released on March 5th,2021 as the 4th LIVE Audio.
This song was performed on the BRATS performance stage on January 10th, but livestreaming started in the middle of the song.
「*** 2021 첫 공연 Ambitious GiRLS Rock 1」:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UEHT...​
In this live event, while the Japanese government declared a state of emergency due to the corona(COVID-19) disaster, we took measures to prevent infection to meet the event holding conditions, and the capacity of the live house was reduced to 50% or less, and the distance between the spectators was widened. All the spectators wear masks and face shields.

『Karma THE LIVE (Live at TSUTAYA O-EAST 2020.09.13)』on December 11th,2020
◇2nd Release
『Ambitious Girls (Live at hashchord_ 2020.11.08)』on January 1st,2021
◇3rd Release
『YOUNG BLOODS (Live at YOKOHAMA BAY HALL 2020.12.13)』on February 5th,2021
◇4th Release
『Ambitious Girls Rock 1 (Live at TSUTAYA O-Crest 2021.01.10)』on March 5th,2021


Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/brats_official​
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BratsJP/

BRATS "Doudatte Yokatta" (Jan. 10, 2021) - Limited Audience Live