Ilse Gudiño: Introducing our GuitarCloudSymposium student + Lari Basilio - Violet Cover

Check out our GCS student Ilse Gudiño Salvador (Mexico) from Adam Roach's "Become a Guitarist Today" podcast. She's been with us at GuitarCloudSymposium from the beginning! Go girl! Check out our next once per month events at Presented by Positive Grid Thank you to our ongoing sponsors FISHMAN, AUDIX Microphones, Stageninjagear, Luna Guitars, G7th The Capo Company, Seventh String Software, Cordial Cables USA, Lock-It Guitar Straps, Tonewood-Amp, Guitar Playback, Taytrix Productions, BluGuitar, TrueFire, and AOS picks.

Introducing our GuitarCloudSymposium student Ilse Gudiño (Excerpt from "Become A Guitarist Today"

Lari Basilio - Violet Cover