Phatta Art: Tear Don’t Fall (Bullet for My Valentine) intro

Hi Everyone! I just uploaded this video for my practicing record.
Longtime I had stopped playing the guitar.
I’ve stuck in my work, preparing for Ielts exams and nowadays I’m interested in Español language then I spent time for that languages. I hope I’ll manage my time to play any new songs and next I’ll have collaboration cover song with my friend from Mexico, please wait for my new video.
Thank you for tuning in.
Love you every subscribers. 😊
- Guitar: LTD KH202 w/ EMG60x EMG81x
Amplifier: Orange micro dark
Effects: Metal Muff, Mooer Reecho
Guitar strings: D’addario
Pick: Jim Dunlop Jazz III
Camera: IPhone 11 Pro

ear Don’t Fall (Bullet for My Valentine) intro - Guitar Practicing by Phatta