Meryl Hamilton: He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe - Intro Guitar METAL

He-Man The Masters Of The Universe - Intro Guitar METAL !!! ;)
I had a super fun time on my guitar learning how to play the 80's He-Man theme in my own style, accompanying some of my own shred licks.
I was obsessed with He-Man when I was a kid, I love this feel good tune and I'm loving the new He-Man Revelations on Netflix to.
I made my He-Man style outfit myself, it was tricky because the logo kept falling off lol. Hope you enjoy it!
Massive thank you to my awesome boyfriend Lawrence Case from the Ministry Of Slam Network for creating my He-Man drum backing track.
My name is Meryl Hamilton and together, I want to help you enjoy your journey of learning the guitar through positive, fun, informative lessons and some crazy cosplay guitar covers.
When I play the guitar, I feel it's exercising another part of my brain, it can be so expressive. It can feed that creative urge, it can be addictive when you practice something over and over and you can feel yourself getting closer to your goal, then when you achieve it, it's just so rewarding, yet you never stop learning, there is no end game.
I have been teaching since 2007 and I have toured around the world with my rock band Voodoo Vegas. When I first picked up the guitar in my 20's, I never knew it would put me on a path that would change my life and open doors.
I hope your guitar playing journey opens you up to some fulfilling moments in your life, as mine has truly changed my life and who I am today. Remember, practice makes progress and have fun along the way, love Meryl :)
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