Saaya Suzuki: Children Of Bodom/Children Of Bodom guitar cover

And completed all songs from 1st album! (except cover song)
I made play list of Something Wild,you can watch it along to the album:)
#AlexiLaiho #ChildrenOfBodom #COB
-What is my "Tribute to Alexi project"-
Alexi Laiho is the guitarist/musician and a person who changed my life since I was 13.When I heared the news about his death,I had no idea and depressed seriously.Although I knew I should keep playing guitar as he taught me the power of music.Then,I decided to cover his songs to sublimate my pain by this loss and express how I appreciate him.I'll cover COB songs along to their albums,it's gonna be long way.
This project is very personal,my purpose is not to be famous with his name, but still I want people to watch my tribute as I take my time for these works.Just I wanted to let you know,thank you.
Here is "Alexi Laiho Tribute Compilation from #100GuitarsfromHel" video
I was a member of the project.After the news announced he passed away,we discussed and decided to creat a tribute video to honour Alexi and there're 41solos/liffs for celebrate his 41years.Check it out.

Children Of Bodom/Children Of Bodom guitar cover[Tribute To Alexi project by Saaya #8]