Senri Kawaguchi , Juna Serita, Chizuru Segawa: SENRI'S SEVEN - Tokyo's SDG 5 Superstars

An SDG-5 inspired One Young World Japan production in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Convention Visitors Bureau, featuring the creation of "SENRI'S SEVEN" - an elite group of Japanese female musicians led by famed drummer, Senri Kawaguchi - for the One Young World Munich 2021 Closing Ceremony on July 24, 2021 in preparation for One Young World Tokyo in May 2022.
Consistently ranked in the Global Top 10 Most Livable Cities, Tokyo is a city passionately pursuing excellence in all United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 5 : Gender Equality. This documentary is a tribute to some of Tokyo’s iconic locations and to women everywhere.
来年のOne Young World Summitの開催地である東京はまさにSDG-5の達成に向けて取り組んでいる都市です。このドキュメンタリー動画では、来年の開催地東京の魅力的なスポットをご覧いただけるとともに、SDG-5を体現した”SENRI’S Seven”のような女性の活躍を応援する都市東京の魅力をみていただけます。

SENRI'S SEVEN - Tokyo's SDG 5 Superstars