Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Paris Dusk Music Video

The second release of the popular "World Journey"! Hawaii, Peru, Spain, France, Australia, Egypt, Italy, Jamaica, Antarctica, and Scandinavia are selected as the countries to be imagined this time with all 10 songs recorded. The content of the song has a magnificent scale, and you can enjoy traveling around the world. Rie aka Suzaku / World Journey 2 Released on January 19, 2022 DDCZ-2284 List price ¥ 3,300 (tax excluded price ¥ 3,000) Included songs > 1. Tropical Wave 2. Inca Ruins 3. Last Pirates 4. Paris Dusk 5. Great Ocean Road 6. Desert Queen Cleopatra 7. Apocalypse 8. Jamaican Dreams 9. Ice World 10. Aurora 2021 Participating Musicians> Kan Sato (Dr) / Tetsuo Sakurai (B) / Mitsuru Sudo (B) / Juna Serita (B) Rie aka Suzaku Official Web Site http://www.poppin.jp/rie_web/
Hi, I'm Rie, a female guitarist from Japan. Currently, I'm doing concerts mainly at Tokyo.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Paris Dusk Music Video