Tohko: Nero Forte / Slipknot

Nero Forte / Slipknot I played the drums. "Nero Forte" Original Music Video
Everything from the riff is a cool song, isn't it? I really like the marching band on the last two buses. Recording: YAMAHA EAD10 Every Wednesday night21:00I am updating the video to. Good button, please subscribe to the channel! 〇 Kiriko SNS Twitter https: // Instagram
Today, we have successfully completed one weekly update x one year from January 20th last year! Thank you for always watching and supporting us! To commemorate the year, next week's Toko Channel wants to deliver live YouTube. I would like to talk to you about what I thought after doing it for a year and future prospects! Please come and visit us ~!

[Drum] Nero Forte / Slipknot [I tried playing the drums]