Victoria Villarreal, Barbara Teleki, Catherine Fearns, Alexandra Lioness: Trapped in a Corner + Another Storm

Chaos Rising is a collaborative international metal music project composed of women from all over the world who play, create, share new songs in different metal styles. It's open to every female artist interested in metal music who wants to involve in any kind of aspect of music and project (playing, recording, album art + design, lyrics, album production, promotion...).
We publish a new song each month in different metal music styles : thrash, death, heavy, doom, symphonic, hard rock, hard core, brutal death, melodic metal...
More than 40 artists already joined us.
If you are interested in working with us, don't hesitate to contact us and share our work !!

Chaos Rising - Death "Trapped in a Corner" (Guitar cover)

Chaos Rising - Death "Trapped in a Corner" (Guitar cover)

Chaos Rising - Another Storm - (Official video)

Chaos Rising -Prisoner- (Official video)