Helen Ibe: GORGEOUS Guitar! | Alvarez Yairi GYM70CESHB

The Alvarez Yairi Masterworks GYM70CESHB is truly one of a kind! This is not just your average "nice acoustic guitar. This guitar is absolutely stunning!! Very well on the top of my favorite guitars. It was love at first sight for me! They don't call it a "Masterworks" guitar for nothing. The SOUND... OMG! This sound is rich, fat, bright and detailed. The design of this instrument is so well thought out. Alvarez have been making this body style for decades, so they have years of experience informing the design. From the tuners to the strap pin this guitar is gorgeous in both sound, set up, playability and TONE! If you were wondering, "what acoustic guitar to buy…" Buy this one! This handmade high-end instrument is one that you will get so much pleasure out of. You literally cannot go wrong! This is a professional acoustic guitar, yet you could also serve an intermediate player very well! https://alvarezguitars.com/guitar/gym70ceshb/

Playing an Absolutely GORGEOUS Guitar! | Alvarez Yairi GYM70CESHB