Saki, Hazuki, Tamu Murata: NEMOPHILA / A Ray Of Light

NEMOPHILA single "A Ray Of Light" music video! Released May 11, 2022 !!
Lyrics: SAKI Composition and Arrangement: Kensuke Akiyama [1/9 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA's one-man live will be visualized! ] Release date: May 11, 2022 Product number: DDXZ-1001 Form: Blu-ray POS: 4543034051779 Price: 7,800 yen (tax included) 1/9 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA One-man live all 17 songs + making video recording! [Bonus for each store purchaser] * Reservation acceptance start date differs depending on each store EC site * ・ Tower Records original privilege: Backstage pass (cloth sticker Tower Records color ver.) * Because it is a replica sticker, it cannot be entered in the backstage. Please note that.

・ Lawson HMV Original Benefits: Backstage Pass (Cloth Sticker HMV Color ver.) * Please note that this is a replica sticker and cannot be placed on the backstage.

-Disk Union: Autographed live photo clear file * Autograph will be printed.

【MV】NEMOPHILA / A Ray Of Light