Gretchen Menn: Deep Purple, "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming," Steve Morse solo

The announcement of the close of Steve Morse's era with Deep Purple is profound and emotional for those of us who revere the creativity, breadth of expression, and musical fearlessness he brought to an already-legendary band.

Steve is the reason I discovered Deep Purple. Though I developed a huge appreciation for the earlier eras as well, it was being a fan of Steve and diving into his various projects that led me to Deep Purple.

This song and this solo are perfect to me. I realize I'm treading on holy ground, but I aim to be here in the spirit of a reverential disciple.

Steve is a hero--my earliest and most enduring one, in fact--a rare example of a person who moves through life and the craziness of the music industry with grounded humility, kindness, and integrity.

Sending all my well wishes to Steve and Janine Morse. Thank you for your immense contribution to Deep Purple, Steve, and thank you for the continued lessons and beautiful music. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’™