Ao Hoshii: Fender - Happy Holiday Campaign

hello! I'm Ao Hoshii♪ This time, I received a guitar from Fender♪ I'm writing below about a gift campaign that everyone can participate in, so please check it out☆

#fender santa
Fender "Happy Holiday Campaign" Follow Fender's official Twitter or Instagram account, post images and videos of Fender or Squire products with hashtags, and a total of 300 people will win a Fender ukulele! ◆ How to apply: 1. Follow Fender's official Twitter or Instagram account! 2. Any Fender or Squier product image or video that says#fender santa” and post it on Twitter or Instagram! ◆Period: 11/24 - 12/8 Click here for details:

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The guitar was donated by Fender.