Lzzy Hale: I don’t always feel like a rock star

Lzzy: I think a lot of people don't realize the guts it takes to be a woman in rock... We have to carve out our own path, and make our own rules, because there are none. We have to go against everything society has told us we should be, embrace our power....AND still hold on to our femininity somehow! By far my favorite role model is Pat Benatar.

Valerie: I love the lyrics in "Beautiful With You". Tell us about how this song relates to image problems and low self-esteem so many girls deal with, How does self-love and acceptance impact your life and why is it so important?

Lzzy: Believe me, I don’t always feel like a rock star, and there are times when I look in the mirror and scream. Especially emotionally. I used to hide a lot of my feelings of insecurity and powerlessness, and just wouldn't reach out to someone because I thought it meant that I was weak if I did. I wanted people to see that it's ok to need a shoulder sometimes, and to have those "ugly days" and to let down your guard. We're human and we're not perfect... don't let those thoughts in your head rule your life and prevent you from opening yourself up.