ASAKA: TRiDENT『Continue』

NEW MUSIC VIDEO !!! "one-man live scheduled to be held on" June 19, 2020 (Fri) Tokyo Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST ticket sale in 👉 Https://Eplus.Jp/sf/detail/2850330001 new system one shot eyes of Announcement One-man live! Must see! !! !! 《Notice》 Withdrawal from Dr. JUNNA from “Girls Rock Band Revolution” in March 2020. At the same time, we have been suspended for about two months and renewed the band name as “TRiDENT” with new exclusive support Dr. NAGISA from May 1st. I am back. And the long-awaited 1st MV has been lifted! !! !! Thank you for your continued support and support. 《Information》 March 2020, Dr. JUNNA left from "Girls Rock Band Kakumei". At the same time We stopped for about 2 months. And Welcome New exclusive support drummer NAGISA from May 1. Renamed the band name to "TRiDENT" and revived And this long-awaited new music video release !!! Thank you for all of you who have powered up and restarted. ☆ TRiDENT official Twitter ☆ TRiDENT official Instagram ☆ASAKA (Vo.Gt) Twitter → Instagram → ☆SERINA (Ba.Cho) Twitter → Instagram → YouTube → ☆NAGISA (Support Dr.Cho) Twitter → Instagram → YouTube → TRiDENT『Continue』MV【exガールズロックバンド革命】